As a cat owner, the comfort and safety of my kitty are of utmost importance. For that reason, I usually like to bring my cat with me wherever I go. However, travel may be quite difficult at times. Especially when your traveling long distances and you need to go by car.

Hence, finding the perfect cat carrier can be quite difficult. You have to make sure your feline is both safe and feels safe, is comfortable, and finds a mini home in her travel home. For these reasons, some of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the right cat carrier will be durability, size, comfort, and ease of use.

We’ve researched many of the top cat carriers out in the market, and put together our top 6 best cat carriers for car travel. We hope you’re able to find a suitable travel home for your kitty and find pleasure in your future car travels. may earn a small commission when you use one of the links on this page to purchase.


1. Petisfam Top Load Cat Carrier



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This is our favorite cat carrier and it is the one I currently use for my Highland Lynx. I believe this is one of the best cat carriers for long car travel has openings on both sides and the top. The inside even comes with a leash hook to ensure your cat does not escape.

It’s made of high-quality materials that are soft and comfortable for both you and your cat and it has ventilation on all sides. The best part of this cat carrier is that it is super easy to store as well since it is collapsible. With a variety of color options, this pet carrier seems like a no brainer.


2. Petmate Two Door Top Load Carrier


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The Petmate Two Door Top Load Carrier has doors on both the side and top, making it super easy to get your cat into and out of the carrier. Both the sides and back are fully ventilated, so your pet will have a much more enjoyable and not feel like she’s completely locked in a cage.

The carrier is made of high-quality materials with grated steel doors, comes in a variety of different colors, and also has an ergonomic handle making it easier to carry your pet. With most hard carriers, we recommend that you place a towel or sheet on the bottom of the carrier so your pet does not slide around during transport.

This pet carrier also meets most airline cargo specifications. You should check with your airline either way before you travel.


3. PETRIP Cat Carrier Cat Backpack Carrier


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Some cats may find they hate being inside a hard rigid carrier – if I were a cat I would hate it too since it does look and feel like a cage. The PETRIP Cat Carrier Backpack could be a great alternative for those cats.

This backpack is a great way to keep your cat close to you, and comfortable during travel. PETRIP Cat Carrier is scratch resistant and waterproof and made of leather – it looks nice, feels nice and your cat might find this as a great place to relax. It comes with padded shoulder straps as well.

This carrier is probably the one I would choose since I hate carrying around a hard carrier. A backpack is more comfortable for the owner. It has a nice bubble cover so your cat can get a view of the outside while being safely secure inside. You will also enjoy the variety of colors it comes in.


4. Sport Pet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier


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Next up is the Sport Pet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier. We love this carrier because it’s a smaller, cozier carrier. They will feel more comfortable since they will be sitting on a bed, and won’t be sliding around as much as compared with a bigger carrier.

The carrier also comes with a large opening, so you are not squeezing your cat through and there is easy access. It also has a sturdy, single-action door lock. There are gaps all through the carrier as well so you can see your cat and he/she can see you as well.

The bed is also removable and can be machine washed. This carrier comes in 3 styles and two different sizes. We are a huge fan of this carrier due to its design, which should undoubtedly be a great choice for your cat.


5. X-ZONE PET Soft-Sided Pet Travel Carrier


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The X-Zone PET Cat Carrier is a sturdy carrier that’s made of durable oxford fabric. It can prevent tears from claws and should have a long life-span. It comes with a comfortable fleece mat that is removable (and washable).

There is ventilation on the sides, as well as openings on the top and side for easy access for your cat. It makes a great carrier for car travel because of its breathability and soft material. Your cat will remain safe yet comfortable while being able to see you at all times.


6. Amazon Basics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Travel Carrier


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This is another hard cat carrier that has access from both the top and front, making it easier to take your cat in and out. It comes at a very reasonable price compared to the other carriers and is made of high-quality materials with steel wire doors.

This carrier is slightly on the larger side, but some cats may prefer this and may actually ease their nervousness since they have the ability to move around inside. Again, with any hard carrier like this that is large, we recommend placing a towel or sheet on the bottom so your cat is not sliding from side to side during travel.


7. Henkelion Cat Carriers



9. Comsmart Cat Carrier, Airline Approved


Another great option and another soft cat carrier that’s great for car travel is the Comsmart Cat Carrier. it comes at a very good price point compared to some of the other leading brands, but provides great functionality and looks nice as well. 

One great thing about this cat carrier is that it has openings all throughout, making travel easy since you can get your cat in and out with ease.  Since its a soft cat carrier, it is also easy to store and put away at your house. Your cat can see you as well with the mesh covers.

If you do plan to travel long distances with your cat, this may be a great feature so your cat doesn’t feel like they are trapped in a box. It also makes breathing easier since it will be properly ventilated. It is also machine washable and is also made of anti-scratch fabric.


10. Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack


We like the Lollimeow backpack carrier since it is unique in its design, but also is very versatile and functional. It has numerous ventilation holes around the backpack, making it easier for your cat to feel like they are not trapped inside a box during car travel. 

The design also comes with an expandable tent bed, making it comfortable inside for your cat. This is a great option if your a fan of backpacks and don’t want to haul around a traditional cat carrier (like me). Due to its versatility as well, it makes for a great cat carrier for car travel as well as for trips and adventures with your kitty. 

11. Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Carrier


The Sherpa cat carrier is great if you plan to be doing plenty of car travel, and it looks cool too. It’s adjustable, so you can adjust it to fit perfectly in your car seat. This feature alone makes it stand out quite a bit compared to other cat carriers. 

Additionally, this cat carrier has mesh lining surrounding it for ventilation and visibility for your feline friend. An additional feature we like about this carrier is that it has pockets on either side, so you can bring treats with you on your car ride. It’s also airline approved and comes in many colors and sizes for you to choose from. 

12. Siivton 4 Sides Expandable Pet Carrier



The Siivton 4 Sides Expandable Carrier is a great option since it is easy to fold for storage, and can also be done to create extra space for your cat. This airline-approved carrier can be worn over the shoulder or secured with a seatbelt. One feature we like is that the cozy bed inside can be removed and is also machine washable, making cleanup very easy.

With multiple entry points, and with mesh windows on all sides, getting your pet in and out will be easy. It also provides great ventilation for your cat during your long journeys. This company also provides great customer service if you do encounter any issues. 


13. Pet Fit For Life Collapsible Cat Cage


This design is quite different from the other pet carriers we’ve reviewed. This is more of a cat condo that will make your cat feel more at home. If you are traveling by car, it’s probably best you get one of the smaller sizes that can fit in your car seat. 

This condo is very spacious and comes with a soft velvet pad for your cat to be comfortable on. There are plenty of flaps and screens for entrance and exit from all directions. With the added space, your cat will feel a lot more comfortable during long car rides. 


14. Morpilot Pet Travel Carrier Bag


The Morpilot Pet Carrier bag is another cool option to consider. It comes with a super soft interior, to make your cat’s travel that much more comfortable. The bag is very lightweight, and is made of durable grade polyester. 

The interior cushion can be removed and can be machine washed or by hand. With the many vents and mesh lining, it is very breathable for your pet. This just seems like an overall sturdy, comfy carrier that your cat is sure to enjoy on a long car ride. 


15. PawHut Double Pet Carrier


We had to add this to our list, as this double carrier would be great if your traveling with multiple pets. This carrier is made of oxford cloth, with polyester net. It has a high quality steel frame to make this a very sturdy design. 

Our favorite part about this pet carrier is that it comes with both a hammock for your cat to relax on, and also a soft cushion bottom. It is also foldable for easy storage, and comes with a fixed belt on the back of the carrier so you can hook it up to your car seat. 

Another cool design feature is that you can unzip the two crates and travel with each separately. Each side also has their own access, so your pets can be kept completely separated. This makes for a cool, dual pet carrier that would be great for long drives. 


16. Pet Gear Carrier & Car Seat for Cats



The Pet Gear soft car seat has carry handles foe easy transportation, as well as top and front zippered doors for easy access. It comes with a number of different pouches for storage space. This design is built to easily attach to car seats, making your life easier during car travel. 

Similar to the many other designs, it comes with ventilated mesh lining to make the carrier breathable for your cat. This product rounds up our list since it seems to be the easiest to hook up to your vehicle. 

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The Best Cat Carrier for Car Travel [16 Of The Best]
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