Best Cat Food for Older Cats That Vomit [Top 8 for 2021]

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As your cat starts to age, you will notice they can no longer eat some of the foods they ate when they were younger. Their stomachs can get sensitive due to a variety of diseases they may be prone to as they get older, and vomiting may be one of the symptoms. So what is the best cat food for older cats that vomit?

Our research tells us that the best foods are ones made up of simple, clean ingredients. There are also many brands that specifically tailor to older cats that frequently throw up. These foods will provide all the essential nutrients your cat needs while keeping it easy on their little stomachs. Let’s dive right into our top list. may earn a small commission when you use one of the links on this page to purchase.

BrandTypeRating (1-5)
Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach & Skin Editor’s Choice 5
Purina ONE Sensitive Skin & Stomach, Natural Adult Dry Cat Food Most Affordable 4
Iams Proactive Health Adult Indoor Weight & Hairball Control Dry Cat Food Popular 4

1. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach & Skin


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Our top pick for elder cats with sensitive stomachs is Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food. This food provides optimal digestive health and also helps to promote skin health. It contains prebiotic fiber that is great for your older cat’s gut health and supports a balanced microbiome.

The ingredients are simple and well balanced, making it easily digestible, which additionally helps to make litter clean up much quicker and easier. The food also contains vitamin E and omega 6’s to help cat skin health.


  • Promotes gut and skin health
  • Simple, high-quality ingredients
  • Makes litter clean up easy

2. Purina ONE Natural Dry Cat Food, Sensitive Skin & Stomach Formula


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Purina ONE Natural Dry Cat food is a great option as well for your cat’s digestive needs, especially if they frequently throw up. It comes with a much more affordable price tag but still does not sacrifice quality. It’s made with real turkey along with other high-quality ingredients.

It also has antioxidants and omega fatty acids to make this a complete and balanced meal for your kitty. They even have a 28-day challenge – have your older cat eat Purina ONE for 28 days and see the following differences: bright eyes, shiny coat, healthy energy, and a stronger immune system.


  • Complete nutrition for optimal digestive health
  • Affordable price tag
  • Also promotes bright eyes, a shiny coat, and more energy

3. Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food


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If your cat is throwing up because of its sensitive stomach, the Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Cat Food may be the right choice. They will be able to easily digest this food and reduce any sort of discomfort they are feeling.

This recipe comes with whole grains and vegetables, making this a whole and hearty meal for your cat. This brand always features real meat, to help your cat maintain strong muscles. Additionally, it comes with LifeSource Bits, which is a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are geared to support a healthy immune system.


  • Real meat and natural ingredients
  • Comes with LifeSource Bits nutrient blend
  • Supports healthy weight management
  • Great for cats who consistently throw up

4. Iams Proactive Health Adult Hairball Control Dry Cat Food


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One reason your older cat may be throwing up is due to hairballsThe IAMS Proactive Health Dry Cat Food may be the solution for this. It’s formulated to reduce hairballs before they start by including a proprietary fiber blend that includes beet pulp. It also provides your cat with a balanced weight control diet and basic hairball care regimen.

The dry cat food also helps your older cat to burn fat by including L-carnitine in its blend. Similar to the other foods mentioned above, it contains omega-6’s as well as omega-3’s for a soft and healthy coat.


  • Great for hairball control
  • Contains L-carnitine for fat burning
  • Supports healthy weight control diet

5. Halo Natural Dry Cat Food – Sensitive Stomach Recipe


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If a sensitive tummy is a reason your cat continues to throw up, this may be another great option. According to the AAFCO Digestibility Tests, HALO ranked the highest for digestibility compared to other top brands. The ingredients are sustainably sourced in the USA and contain only real whole meat.

The main reason it ranks high in terms of digestibility is due to it not including rendered meats and artificial ingredients or preservatives. It also includes taurine to support eye and heart health, while maintaining your cat’s energy levels.



  • Ranks high in terms of digestibility according to AAFCO tests
  • Sustainably sourced in the USA
  • Contains taurine to support eye and heart health


6. Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Digest Sensitive Loaf


Royal Canin Sensitive Loaf was formulated to help cats one year and older with stomach issues. It contains proteins that are very easily digestible, and also can lower your cats stool odor. It contains a nice blend of both vitamins and minerals to provide your cat optimal health while helping your older cat maintain a healthy weight. 

This cat food has also been known to help cats with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). As with any cat food, you should take a trial an error approach. This food may be a great option for one cat but it may work terribly for another. Find what works for your cat and stick with it. 


  • Easily digestible proteins, good if your cat is vomiting frequently
  • Helps reduce stool odor
  • Balanced to help your older cat maintain healthy weight


7. By Nature Pet Foods Grain Free Cat Food


This pet food is a great option that contains a premium blend of natural proteins. It’s made in the United States, and they state to only use the most natural ingredients in their products. It also contains SUPERFUSION and superfood, which is a blend of probiotics. 

The antioxidants included are great for your older cats eyes, kidneys and liver. Since it has mostly all natural ingredients, it should be easy on your cats sensitive stomach. We love this cat food since it is slow cooked and really appears to only contain high quality ingredients. 


  • Made in the United States, family owned
  • Contains SUPERFUSION & superfoods for a blast of antioxidants and nutrition for your older cat
  • Slow cooked and made of high quality natural ingredients


8. Purina Beyond Grain Free Adult Dry Cat Food


Purina Beyond Grain Free Natural Dry Cat Food contains simple ingredients such as Ocean Whitefish and is grain free. it also contains probiotics for digestive support for your older cat that vomits. It doesn’t contain any soy, wheat or poultry, which are ingredients that are known to cause issues for older cats.

Since it is dry cat food, it also important that your cat is still properly hydrated, especially if they are dealing with constant vomiting. The great thing with this food is that you can mix and match with different foods to find the optimal fit for your cat. Consider adding toppers and/or mixing with wet cat food until you find what is right for your cat. 


  • Contains only real, simple ingredients such as Whitefish
  • Gluten and grain free, doesn’t include soy and wheat


why do cats sleep on your chest
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Why do older cats vomit?

Older cats can vomit for a number of reasons including sensitive stomachs, hairballs or even a potentially more serious disease.

At what age is a cat considered old?

This depends on who you ask, but a cat over the age of 12 is considered old. A cat age 12 is the equivalent to a human at the age of 64 years old.

Why is my old cat losing weight?

It really isn’t uncommon for older cats to lose weight, as this is when they could start developing certain conditions related to their kidneys and thyroid.

Best Cat Food for Older Cats That Vomit [Top 8 for 2021]
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