Best Cat Carrier for Nervous Cats in 2021 [12 Of The Best]


When your cat is nervous, they may want to scratch, bite, urinate or hide so if you do have to transport your cat, you want to make sure the carrier you choose can protect you from all of these elements. From our research and experience, we find that the best cat carrier for nervous cats tends to be carriers made of hard rigid materials.

Soft cat carriers are great especially when considering storage, but depending on the size and strength of your cat (and how crazy they can get), they typically may not hold up as well for a nervous cat. Either way, some of the best carriers we find for nervous cats will be waterproof so you won’t have any leaks and carriers that have the ability to enter from the top so entry and exit will be easy for your cat.

You also want to choose a carrier that has good visibility so your cat can see you at all times. Additionally, you want to select something that will be lightweight and easy for you to carry around. Our list also considers durability, storage as well as price, as these are all factors that may come into play when selecting the right cat carrier. Let’s dig into our top selections with these factors in mind. may earn a small commission when you use one of the links on this page to purchase.

1. Petmate Two Door Top Load Carrier


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The Petmate Two Door Top Load Carrier is at the top of our list. It has doors on both the side and top, making it super easy to get your cat into and out of the carrier. The sides and back are fully ventilated, so your pet will have a much more enjoyable and not feel like she’s completely locked in a cage.

The carrier is made of high-quality materials with grated steel doors, comes in a variety of different colors, and also has an ergonomic handle making it easier to carry your pet. With most hard carriers, we recommend that you place a towel or sheet on the bottom of the carrier so your pet does not slide around during transport.

This pet carrier also meets most airline cargo specifications. You should check with your airline either way before you travel.

2. Sport Pet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier


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Next up is the Sport Pet Foldable Travel Cat Carrier. We love this carrier because it’s a smaller, cozier carrier for your nervous cat. They will feel more comfortable since they will be sitting on a bed, and won’t be sliding around as much as compared with a bigger carrier.

The carrier also comes with a large opening, so you are not squeezing your cat through and there is easy access. It also has a sturdy, single-action door lock. There are gaps all through the carrier as well so you can see your cat and he/she can see you as well.

The bed is also removable and can be machine washed. This carrier comes in 3 styles and two different sizes. We are a huge fan of this carrier due to its design, which should undoubtedly be a great choice for your nervous cat.

3. FRiEQ 23-Inch Large Hard Cover Pet Carrier


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The FRiEQ Large Hard Cover Pet Carrier is a great option for nervous cats because it comes with a completely removable top. This means you do not need to take your cat out of the carrier during an examination, and this makes your cat’s life (and your vet’s) that much easier. If your cat is the type to hide and shy away from a veterinarian, this cat carrier may be the one for you.

This cat carrier is waterproof, and the base material is very soft making your cat have a comfortable ride. It also comes with sides that promote ventilation, a lock, a soft-grip handle, and a front door that has mesh lining. This cat carrier can definitely help keep your cat at peace and less anxious during a trip.

4. Amazon Basics Two-Door Top-Load Pet Travel Carrier


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This is another hard cat carrier that has access from both the top and front, making it easier to take your cat in and out. It comes at a very reasonable price compared to the other carriers and is made of high-quality materials with steel wire doors.

This carrier is slightly on the larger side, but some cats may prefer this and may actually ease their nervousness since they have the ability to move around inside. Again, with any hard carrier like this that is large, we recommend placing a towel or sheet on the bottom so your cat is not sliding from side to side during travel.

5. PETRIP Cat Carrier Cat Backpack Carrier


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Some cats may find they hate being inside a hard rigid carrier – if I were a cat I would hate it too since it does look and feel like a cage. The PETRIP Cat Carrier Backpack could be a great alternative for those cats.

This backpack is a great way to keep your cat close to you, and comfortable during travel. It is scratch resistant and waterproof and made of leather – it looks nice, feels nice and your cat might find this as a great place to relax. It comes with padded shoulder straps as well.

This carrier is probably the one I would choose since I hate carrying around a hard carrier. A backpack is more comfortable for the owner. It has a nice bubble cover so your cat can get a view of the outside while being safely secure inside. It also comes in two colors.

6. Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier


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If you have a cat that is extremely difficult, and is the type to scratch, bite,s and go nuts during a trip, this may be the BEST carrier for you. This is designed to be very strong and hold your cat secure, especially in an airplane.

It’s made of high-quality plastic, has a 4-way vault door so your cat isn’t sliding inside, and the wire vents will help your cat to feel at ease. This really is made for a crazy cat, so depending on your cat’s temperament, I would highly recommend you purchase this.


7. Comsmart Cat Carrier, Airline Approved


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The Comsmart Pet Carrier is actually one of our favorites, even though we have it at #7. It comes at a very affordable price compared to other pet carriers. One great thing about this soft cat carrier is that it has openings all throughout, making it easy to get your nervous cat in and out.

Since it is a soft pet carrier, it is also easy to store and put away, taking up less space. Your cat is able to see you at all times with the mesh covers. It is also machine washable and is also made of anti-scratch polyester fabric material.


8. Henkelion Cat Carriers


The Henkelion cat carrier is very similar to the previously mentioned soft cat carrier. One reason why we like this pet carrier is because it also has a shoulder strap, allowing your to carry your cat handsfree. It is lightweight, and also machine washable.

This design comes in a variety of colors, and has mesh lining surrounding the carrier allowing your cat to see you at all times. If your cat gets as nervous as mine, being able to see you definitely can calm their nerves. The carrier is also waterproof, in the case your cat does have an accident during travel. It is airline approved and also comes at a pretty good price point. 


9. Pet Magasin Hard Cover Carrier



The Pet Magasin hard cover cat carrier provides a very unique design, combining both hard and soft materials. These carriers are great for small cats, and provides a hard top to give you sturdy protection for your pet, and gives your pet a firm surface to stand on while they are inside. 

The soft sides can be folded down so the entire carrier can be fit into little package while the top and bottom can be zippered together. This definately makes storage much easier. It has a padded mat on the floor to give your cat a comfortable place to lie down and a non-slip surface to stand on. The see-through mesh is also great for your cat to see the outside world. 


10. Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack



The Lollimeow backpack carrier is another carrier with a cool and unique design. It has 9 ventilation holes surrounding the backpack, making it easier for your cat to feel like they are not trapped inside a carrier. This carrier is made to be super functional and cool, and transport will be easy since you can put it on your back. 

The design has an expandable tent bed, making it super cozy inside for your cat. Since they will be so close to you at all times, it should reduce anxiety and stress for your cat. This is a great option if you plan to be on the go alot, and don’t want to be a carrying around a traditional pet carrier with your hands. 


11. Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Carrier



This carrier is perfect if you plan to be traveling often by plane or cat, and it looks super stylish too. It is adjustable, so you can modify it to fit under-seat requirements. Like many of the other cat carriers, it also has mesh windows for ventilation, as well as adjustable padded straps to make carrying your pet effortless. 

One thing that sets this carrier apart is that it also contains pockets on either side of the carrier. This can be great to store and bring treats and anything else your feline friend might need on the go. 

It is airline approved, and also comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Make sure to select the the appropriate size based on your cat. You want enough space so your cat is comfortable, but not too so much that your cat is flying around inside the carrier. 

12. X-cosrack Expandable Pet Travel Bag



This expandable cat carrier is soft-sided, and can be expanded on sides to provide more space for your cat. Its design has multiple entrances, to make it easy for your cat to get in and out of. 

It is also airline approved, and easy to fold and store. I like this unique design because it has a cool design, is made of high quality fabric and is safe for your cat and durable. 

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Best Cat Carrier for Nervous Cats in 2021 [12 Of The Best]
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